About Us

A place to pray, learn and play!

As of early August 2009, the Sayeda Khadija Centre has become the official home of Faith of Life Network, an organization founded by Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi in 2005 to promote the positive value of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims alike in Canada and around the world, by building communities through shared religious observance, quality educational programs, mutual support and networking, and service to humanity.

Sayeda Khadija Centre wants to offer the community and the youth specifically a place to pray, learn, play and grow spiritually, intellectually and physically.

The centre is offering the following services:
  • Friday congregational prayers (Jumu’ah) (2 services: 1:30 pm and 02:45 pm)
  • Special Events & Lectures on different occasions
  • Educational Workshops & Seminars
  • Weekly Friday Halaqa in English followed with Dinner
  • Weekly Sunday Non-English Halaqas followed with refreshments
  • Ramadan Taraweeh Prayers
  • Ramadan Iftar Dinners on weekends
  • Classes and Study Circles (Arabic & Islamic Studies for Adults and Children)
  • Daily Salat Prayers
  • Monthly Tahajjud & Dhikr Program followed with Breakfast
  • The office of the Imam
  • Youth Leadership Program (YLP) (13-16) – Youth Orientation & Mentoring
  • SKC Youth Group (16 and up)
  • Big Sister Program (BSP) (14-18)
  • Nikah & Aqiqah Services
  • Janazah & Funeral Services
  • Community Mutli-use Hall
  • Library & Conference Room
  • Senior Citizens Programs
  • Recreational facilities (Gymnasium – Children Indoor Playground)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Sports Activities (for all ages: BB, VB, Badminton, Cricket, Martial Arts, Yoga, Walk & Talk program…)
  • Open House and Info Sessions for Visitors and High School students
  • Feed the Poor Program (400 – 800 Hot meals/month – Food Hampers on the 2 Eids – Eid Meat distribution – Non Perishable Food Collection For Food Banks in Peel Region)
  • Museum (in the making)
  • Open House and Info Sessions for Visitors and High School students